Configurations for posting welcome and/or leave messages for users and utilizing rich embeds and direct messages tailored to your needs.

REQUIRES: Manage Messages, Embed Links

Welcomes will not be posted for users blocked by BlankAvatar and JoinAge.

Setup 👑

  1. Enable the welcome module

  2. Set the welcome channel: !setchannel #channel

  3. Specify the type of message for welcomes to appear as: !settype welcome embed/text/dm

  4. Configure the welcome message for your server

Command Description Example
!module welcome Enable/Disable the module. !module welcome
!setchannel welcome #channel Set the welcome channel !setchannel welcome #welcomes
!setchannel leave #channel Set the leave channel !setchannel leave #cyalater
!setwelcome current Display the current welcome !setwelcome current
!setwelcome new yourconfiguration Set a new welcome message !setwelcome new config
!settype welcome embed/text/dm Set the type of welcome !settype welcome embed
!settype leave embed/text Set the type of leave !settype leave text
!setdelete seconds Auto-delete welcome/leave after X seconds. !setdelete 45
!setleave disable Disable leave messages !setleave disable
!settype verifywait Post welcomes after user verification !settype verifywait


Two options are available for setting up welcomes:

  1. Making it from scratch
  2. Using pre-made templates to modify as needed.

Templates can be found below.



The Display Variables MUST be listed with line breaks and in the order in which it appears in the table below.


Display Shortcodes Shortcodes
$plain:  %user%
$plain: disable %guild%


Template Examples

Example #1
!setwelcome new $plain: plain text goes here
$title: Title
$desc: Description
$thumb: URL (or use %user% for user avatar)
$img: URL
$field: Field name %% Content
$color: Any type of color code accepted by Discord



Example #2
!setwelcome new $plain: This is plaintext, it goes above the welcome message
$title: This is the title, it\'s bolded at the top
$desc: This is the description of the embed, it goes directly below the title
$thumb: %user%
$field: This is the field name %% This is the field value
$color: undefined