REQUIRES: Ban, Manage Messages (If using -d)


Command Description
!module bans Enable/Disable the module.

!allow ban Moderator

Allows the role Moderator to use the ban command.
!block ban Moderator No longer allows the Moderator role to use the ban command.


Command Description
!ban @mention/userID OptionalReason Bans the user
!ban @mention @mention @mention OptionalReason Bans multiple users
!ban userid userid userid OptionalReason Bans multiple users
!unban username/userID Unbans the user
!tempban @mention/userID days OptionalReason Bans the user from your guild for the set amount of days.


Set up a message that will be sent to the user when they are banned, provided they have direct messages open. Provide 'off' to turn it off. It can be used for appeal links etc.
Command Description
!banmsg message Sets the ban message sent upon being banned.