SmartPrune checks for and removes either people in your server currently missing a profile picture, or avatar, or invites that have been used less than a certain number of times. If you don't want people to know why they have been pruned from your server, you can say nomessage at the end of the command. This will tell Gaius not to send a message about why the pruned members were removed.


Command Descriptive Example
!smartprune avatar [nomessage]

!smartprune avatar


- Kicks everyone who doesn't have a profile image

Kick Members

!smartprune norole [nomessage]

!smartprune norole nomessage


- Kicks everyone who does not have a role

Kick Members

!smartprune invite uses

!smartprune invite 5


- Deletes all invites used less than a certain number times






Q. Will kicking Gaius reset the bot?

- No, kicking/banning Gaius will never reset your settings or prefix.

Q. Can I use smartprune for inactive people?

- This is not currently a feature. The best possible alternative is to use Discord's prune feature for people, however this will only prune people who have not logged into Discord for a certain period of time (including people with certain roles).

Q. How do I see all the commands?

- The help command is man's best friend (not dogs).





Not yet available

If you have or find a video on Gaius specifically for what is covered in this documentation page, you can send the info to Fairy 狐 紫#0001 via DM (You must be in the support server in order to make contact).



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