Configuring Gaius

All configuration/setting commands require a role with either the Administrator or Manage Server permission or a role added as admin in the staff list.



The first fundamental key part of every bot is the bot's prefix. Gaius' prefix is used for every command, so it's super important to ensure that Gaius has a prefix that can be easily used.

Make sure that Gaius' prefix is unique from the other bots to prevent more than one bot responding to one command.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!prefix newPrefixHere


!prefix !!   |   Changes Gaius' default prefix to !!
!!prefix prefix !   |   This is a common mistake...the example below shows how to fix this.
prefix !prefix !   |   Changes the above's prefix to !
!resetmyprefix   |   Reset's Gaius' prefix to ! as the default prefix regardless of setting

Kicking/Banning any Gaius bot then bringing it back will NOT reset the prefix or any settings.

If you forgot your prefix or don't know what you have changed it to, then the !checkprefix command (by saying !checkprefix) will always respond with the current prefix as long as Gaius has the permissions to see and speak in the same channel as the command.

If you get a weird prefix, for example: prefix !, and want to change it to !, then do, in the same example as before, prefix !prefix !.

If you're still having trouble, !resetmyprefix will reset Gaius' prefix to the default prefix.





Auto Delete 

Autodel will automatically delete command messages when they are sent. This is turned on by default. You can turn this off by either saying autodel 0 or autodel off.

The number provided in the command is in seconds.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!autodel #/off/0/current


!autodel 5   |   Deletes command messages 5 seconds after they have been sent
!autodel off   |   Does not delete command messages after they have been sent
!autodel current   |   Displays the current autodel setting.





Staff Role Assigning 

This is also a section that you will likely only have to once. Setting staff roles allows Gaius to know who can use certain parts of the moderation commands needed to help them do their part in keeping your server and members safe from harm's way.

Admin is considered almighty with Gaius. They can freely and completely configure the bot and are exempt from all auto-moderation, filtering, and punishments. It's highly recommended to give the "Admin" only to those who will ever have a need to configure the bot freely (i.e. owner, bot tech, co-owner).

Mod is the chat police for guilds. Mods cannot configure the bot, but can use a range of commands to moderate servers, including kick, mute, and voice moderation commands. Mods are also automatically exempt from auto-moderation except when configured to not be exempt.

Helper is like a trial mod, they have instant access to the !warn command only and are exempt from auto-moderation except when configured to not be exempt.

This is a super important part of the setup because this determines who can use certain mod commands to help keep your community safe and sound.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!staff admin/mod/helper add/rem role


!staff list   |   Displays the current list of staff roles that have been set for the server
!staff helper add 123456789012   |   Adds the role as helper in the staff list
!staff mod rem @Troll   |   Removes the role Troll from mod in the staff list
!staff admin add @Owner   |   Adds the role Owner as admin in the staff list





Permission Overrides

Permission tuning can be used to allow mods to ban people, perform panic functions, or lock a channel during emergencies. It can also block someone from using a command that they already have access to, restrict a command to only be used by certain people, roles, or in specific channels, or free the command from any permission tuning that are already set for it.

The commands are allow, block, restrict, and free, all of which have specific functions in making sure that certain commands and modules can be accessed or not be accessed by certain conditions.

The 3 tuning commands accepts many types of input for your needs:
•  Server
•  Role/Role Name/ID
•  Member Mention/ID
•  Channel Mention/ID

If you are ever unsure about or want to ensure that you have permission overrides for a command or module, you can say the command below:
•  !listperms command

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!allow/block/restrict command member/role/channel
!free command
!listperms command


!allow ban @Moderator   |   Allows the Moderator role to use the ban command
!block ban Moderator  |   Takes away the Moderator role's ability to use the ban command
!restrict ban @Moderator  |   Only allows the Moderator role to use the ban command
!free ban #staff  |   Removes all permission overrides that were set to the ban command
!listperms bans   |   Displays the list of permission overrides for the bans module






Bypass allows specific channels or roles to have a pass from being subjected to specific automoderation features. One common use is to reward people with a filter bypass or two after they reach a certain level with a leveling bot, such as slowmode, URL, images, or stickers. Some bypasses can be used for long-time regular users, or helpers with specific bypasses needed from automoderation.

The examples below will specify a code in [brackets] that indicate putting the code in is optional, but be warned that not providing a [code] will default to all codes turning ON or OFF. THE BRACKETS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE ACTUAL COMMAND.

Add, rem, or toggle can be used...if not specified, then it will 'toggle' which will switch the code ON or OFF.

If the [code] is blank, then it will default to 'all', which toggles all codes ON or OFF (only OFF when all codes are ON).

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!bypass add/rem/toggle [code]/all Role
!bypass add/rem/toggle [code]/all Channel
!bypass list


!bypass add invite @Member   |   Allows the Member role to send server invites
!bypass rem invite @Member  |   Removes the Member role's ability to use send server invites
!bypass toggle invite #general-chat  |   Toggles the allowance of server invites to be sent in the channel
!bypass #general-chat  |   Toggles all filters either on or off for the #general-chat channel
!bypass list   |   Displays the list of bypasses in the server

Bypass Codes List

  • Filter
  • BlockedTags
  • Invite
  • URL
  • Spam
  • Duplicate
  • Mention
  • Emoji
  • Newline
  • Stickers
  • Image
  • Slowmode
  • Activity





Let's say you want to have staff use the mute command but want !b to work, too. Alias allows for the ban command to also be !b, triggering the ban command. You can also make the command to only work with the alias that has been set. Alias list will give you a list of all aliases set for the command, which takes away the guess work.

Another helpful command is unalias, which removes the alias that has been set for the target command. Want to remove a forced alias, but keep the same alias without needing to do the alias command again? No problem!

Setting an alias using alias force command, you are telling Gaius that you only want the set alias(es) to be the command that gives the action. For example, if you have an alias for ban set to b, then !b or !ban will be used for the ban command; if you say !alias force ban afterwards, then only !b will work for the ban command.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!alias command NewName 
!alias force command
!alias list command

!unalias command alias
!unalias force command


!alias ban bean   |   Sets bean to be an alias for the ban command
!alias force ban  |   Sets the alias(es) as the only option(s) to use the ban command
!alias list ban  |   Displays the currently set alias(es) that are set for the ban command

!unalias ban   |   Removes all aliases that have been set for the ban command
!unalias ban bean   |   Removes the alias "bean" from the ban command
!unalias force ban   |   Removes the force option from the ban command if the force option is turned on




Q. Will kicking Gaius reset the bot?

- No, kicking/banning Gaius will never reset your settings or prefix. If you're having trouble with the prefix and want to reset it to the original prefix, !resetmyprefix will reset the prefix.

Q. Why aren't my commands aren't working? Is the bot offline?

- This could be for a number of reasons. Here are a list of solutions (beginning with some of the most common solutions):

  1. Say !checkprefix in your server. If Gaius has permission to speak in and see the channel, it will always respond with the current prefix.
    1. If there is no response, try to @Gaius...this will pop up taggable users in a list, along as their online status icon on the lower-left of the user avatar. In the unlikely event that it is a gray icon, then Gaius is offline in your server and should be back online within a few minutes.
    2. If Gaius is online, make sure Gaius has permission to speak in the channel (Server Settings > Roles and/or Edit Channel > Permissions).
    3. If Gaius is not listed when you try to @gaius, then it likely does not have permission to see the channel, which is either because it does not have a role to see the channel(s), or it cannot see the channel in your channel settings.

  2. If Gaius responds with its current prefix, check your enabled modules with the module list command. Most commands are tied with a module, which means if, for example, the mutes module is not enabled, then muteunnmute, and switchm will also be disabled.

  3. If this does not solve your issue, then the next step is to contact support.
Q. How do I see all the commands?

- The help command is man's best friend (not dogs).

Q. Is there a Dashboard? If so, how do I get to the Dashboard?

-The Dashboard is currently NOT for configuration and can be found at Currently, is only supports premium purchases and leaderboard functionality.

Q. Is there a premium (paid) version of Gaius? If so, where can I find more details about it?

- All details, including subscription information for Gaius Cicereius+ can be found here.



Not yet available

If you have or find a video on Gaius specifically for what is covered in this documentation page, you can send the info to Fairy 狐 紫#0001 via DM (You must be in the support server in order to make contact).


Points of Interest

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