REQUIRES: Manage Roles, Manage Messages, Embed Links



Command Description Example
!module roles Enables/Disables the module !module roles
!addrole rolename/mention/ID Allows that role to be self-assigned !addrole @Potato
!delrole rolename/mention/ID Removes the role from being able to be self-assigned !delrole Potato
!setdesc rolename/mention/ID description Sets the description for the role !setdesc 643001239725932564 I am a delicious potato!
!roleslist Displays all self-assignable roles !roleslist
!reset rolename/mention/ID Removes that self-assignable role from everyone with it !reset @Potato



When adding multiple options to a role, putting a comma , between each option is required.

Command Description Example
!roleopt rolename/mention/ID add options Adds options to the custom role !roleopt Member add auto, perma, vc
!roleopt rolename/mention/ID rem options Removes options from the custom role !roleopt Member rem vc


Roleopt options

Option Description
Lets users choose only one role within the unique group
Creates a second group users can only choose one from
Creates a third group users can only choose one from
reset Enables the reset command to work on the role
perma Disables users from removing the role
lock Disables users from adding or removing the role by command
auto Automatically assigns the role to users upon join
vc Automatically assigns the role whoever joins a voice channel

Automatically removes the role from the user after X minutes


Assigning roles

Command Description Example

!role userID/@mention rolename

!role userID/@mention +rolename

!role userID/@mention -rolename

Toggles the role on the user

Only adds the role to the user

Only removes the role from the user

!role 104425482757357568 Potato

!role @Tommyfoxy2#0001 +Potato

!role @Tommyfoxy2#0001 -Potato

!role all rolename

!role all +rolename

!role all -rolename


Toggles the role on everyone in the server

Only adds the role to everyone in the server

Only removes the role from everyone in the server

!role all Potato

!role all +Potato

!role all -Potato