We offer highly customizable anti-spam. The settings are ideal by default, but, if you'd like to configure them yourself, you can view that information below. You may also turn off any of these settings by supplying the number -1. Notify and name doesn't need -1.


!auto ? Display auto-configuration help embed


Display current settings

!auto modstaff

Force anti-spam and filters to apply to your moderators.

!auto notify

Should users be notified when they trigger automod?

!filter ignore auto

Disable anti-spam in the channel.

!filter ignore auto #channel

Disable anti-spam in the mentioned channel.



Limitations you can require for mentions. The last two are used to handle mention spam.

!auto mention 5 Amount of mentions allowed in a single message
!auto mentiontime 5 The amount of seconds to wait for the mentionlimit to be triggered across multiple messages.
!auto mentionlimit 5 Amount of mentions per message, includes the same mentions and unique mentions



These are various limitations you can require messages to stay within. You can disable a setting by doing -1 as the number.

Time and limit are inversely related. This means that setting the time lower has the same effect as setting the limit higher. For high-speed chats setting the limit higher is better as it reduces the chance of a quick 3 or 4 messages from triggering.

For low-speed chats setting the time lower is best as it'll be more sensitive to quick spam messages.

!auto limit 5 Amount of messages to check for
!auto time 5 Amount of time to check for spammed messages
!auto duptime 5 Time between messages to wait for duplicates.
!auto tolerance 2

If someone posts a duplicate of a previous message with a difference of 2 letters or less, it will be deleted.


The difference between messages to tolerate in terms of letters changed.

!auto newline 10 Amount of lines allowed per message
!auto emoji 10

Max amount of emojis per message

!auto stickers

Block posting of stickers


Auto Punishments

Escalate punishments overtime when users trigger anti-spam. When setting the punishments those will only be applied at the number set. This means you can do let's say !auto warn 1 and then  !auto warn 2 so warns are issued for their first and second violation of anti-spam.

To remove a warn punishment at 1 you can do let's say !auto warn 1 again to toggle it off.

!auto mutetime 20 The number of minutes the auto-mute should last.
!auto mute 1 Auto mute users for the first violation.
!auto kick 2 Auto kick users for their second violation.
!auto ban 3 Auto ban users for their third violation.
!auto warn 1 Auto warn users for their first violation.
!auto cooldown 5 Amount of minutes between anti-spam triggers before de-escalating the punishments


User Checks

The name setting is tied to the filters you have enabled. If a user tries to nickname or has a username with a word on any of your enabled word filters their name will be edited to remove the offending content.

!auto name Automatic name censor on member join and when someone changes their name.