REQUIRES: Manage channels, Manage Messages, Embed Links

Setup 👑

The ?pobox command configures the mailbox where tickets will be initially dumped and how they are handled.

Command Example: ?pobox category HelpDesk

Command Description Example
!module tickets Enables/Disables the module !module tickets
!pobox current Shows current settings for POBox !pobox current
!pobox channel #channelToSendFrom Sets staff channel to send tickets for staff review !pobox channel #
!pobox category Tickets Category Sets channel category to send tickets for ticket handling !pobox category Tickets
!pobox agelimit  Sets user age requirement for sending (in days) !pobox agelimit 14
!pobox response Response message to be sent here. Variables Sets sending confirmation message !pobox response Your ticket has been submitted to our team for review. Talk to you soon!
!pobox responsetype embed or text Sets response embed or plain text !pobox responsetype embed
!pobox newmailmsg New message here. Variables Sets ticket message for staff to review in the channel !pobox newmailmsg **New Ticket Submission**

**From:** %name (ID: %id)


!pobox newmailtype Sets newmailmsg embed or plain text !pobox newmailtype embed
!pobox forcedump Sets/Dismisses force dumping of a ticket into the channel and in a specific format.
Valid input is '
html', 'text', or 'off'
!pobox forcedump text

NOTE: When using newmailmsg and response, you are allowed to use multiple variables listed below.

These variables can be used anywhere in the message.


NewMailMsg & Response Variables

Variable Description Where Can I Place This?
%name Mention of ticket sender Anywhere
%tag Username#### of ticket sender Anywhere
%id UserID of ticket sender Anywhere
%date Date of ticket submission Anywhere
%tid TicketID Anywhere
%mid MessageID from ticketing channel Anywhere
%guild Server name Anywhere
%content Entire ticket contents Anywhere
%uimg Avatar URL of ticket sender Anywhere


Administration 👑

Command  Description Example
!module tickets Enables/Disables the module. !module tickets
!assign userID ticketID Opens the ticket and assigns it to the staff member
Requires user reference and ticketID
!assign userID ticketID
!unassign userID ticketID Unassigns a staff member from the ticket
Requires user reference and ticketID
!unassign userID ticketID
!closeticket ticketID Closes the ticket, marks it resolved, and deletes the channel
If requested, creates a full dump of the channel
!closeticket ticketID
!ticketstatus ticketID Displays the ticket status !ticketstatus ticketID
!blockticket userID Prevents that user from sending tickets !blockticket userID
!unblock userID Re-allows that user to send tickets !unblock userID


Public 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Command Description Example
!send Sends a completely private ticket to the server staff

Upon activation, the bot will DM you and ask for input, waiting up to 10 minutes.

You must allow DMs to be sent from server members in your privacy settings.