REQUIRES: Manage Roles, Manage Messages, Embed Links

Setup 👑

Command Description Example
!module verify Enable/Disable the module !module verify
!setverify Begin verification setup process !setverify
  • The chosen command for user verification will use your current prefix. For example, Accept and your prefix ! will require !Accept.
  • When you're ready to set up the verify module, enable it and then do !setverify.
  • HELP: My roles aren't being assigned!
  • If a role is not being assigned when verification is attempted, check the following:
    • Gaius' role has Manage Roles permission.
    • Gaius' role is above the role(s) you're trying to (un)assign.
    • Gaius is able to read/send messages in the verification channel (unless you're using DM verify).
    • If DM verify is enabled, users are able to receive DM's.


Captcha ➕

  • This is a feature is only available on Gaius Cicereius+.
  • When someone joins the server, Gaius+ will DM the user to pass a custom captcha.
  • The captcha is only within Discord, so users don't have to open their browsers and spend time outside your community while verifying.
  • When starting the verification setup, an option for enabling Captcha is available for Gaius+ authorized servers.