REQUIRES: Manage Messages




!module warns

Enable/Disable the module

!pwarnings ?

Display information for the command

!pwarnings list

Display your current settings

!purgewarn WarnID

Completely deletes the warning from the record

!pwarnings number punishment

Sets an auto punishment for when users reach the specified amount of warns

!pwarnings autopurge days

Automatically purge warnings after X days

!pwarnings autopardon days

Automatically pardon warns after X days

!pwarnings multiplier #

Sets the multiplier to X times the amount of the previous auto-mute punishment


When utilizing pwarnings you can set punishments to be executed at different amounts of warns. 

  • Ban
  • Kick
  • Mute
    • !pwarnings 1 mute 10 would mute people for 10 minutes at their first warning.




!warnlist mod mention

Displays all warns issued by the mod

!warn mention/userID reason

Warns the specified user

!rewarn warnID New reason

Changes the warn reason.

!warnlist mention/userID

Displays all the warns for the user

!warnlist like searchText

Displays all warn logs with users containing the specified text

!warnlist all

Displays all warns on your server

!pardon WarnID

Pardons the warn

What are Warn IDs?

Every warn has an ID when issued. This ID is can be used for the Purgewarn and Pardon command. You can see the WarnID below is 3.

The Warn ID here is 3
What are Pardoned warns?

Warns that are pardoned will show up in !warnlist as strikethrough text. This means it will not count towards auto punishments but will remain on the record.