Voice Chat Tools

The voice chat tools available with Gaius to mute unwanted or harmful voice communications, to take them out of the voice channel altogether. 








Vckick can simply kick someone out of a voice channel if that's what you prefer, however vckick has a few other options available for making a more complex action in one command.

Vckick's role function is a powerful moderation booster to help keep unruly people our of your voice channels and maintain a safer and cleaner environment for your fellow members to relax in. If your community has a special role that your members earn from activity or trust and that the role is designed for voice channel permissions, then it would remove the earned privilege from the person who broke the trust. This is done permanently.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Move Members
Manage Roles (Mod)



Descriptive Example

!vckick [mine/channel] [role]

!vckick mine


- Kicks everyone out of your current voice channel

!vckick AFK @ExpBoosting


- Kicks everyone out of the vc and removes the role from them

!vckick member

!vckick @yeetmaster#3000


- Kicks the person from the voice channel



These 2 are very simple commands designed to be like the regular mute and unmute commands, except for voice channels and without using roles. Gaius will simply apply the Server Mute function on the user so that they cannot speak or unmute themselves in your voice channels. It's a handy tool for the harmful, super awkward, or uncomfortable speakers or spammers.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Mute Members (Mod)



Descriptive Example

!vcmute member [#w #d #h #m #s] [reason]

!vcmute @yeetmaster#3000 Demanding more popcorn


- Voice mutes the person permanently

!vcmute @yeetmaster#3001 52w Evading voice mute


- Voice mutes the person for a period of time.

Time format is explained below:

W = Week
D = Day
H = Hour
M = Minute
S = Second

!vcunmute member [reason]

!vcunmute @yeetmaster#3000 Donated popcorn to charity


- Unmutes the person from voice channels, allowing them to speak






Q. Will kicking Gaius reset the bot?

- No, kicking/banning Gaius will never reset your settings or prefix.

Q. Will vckick keep from from coming back into the voice channel, like a ban from voice channels?

- Not in the basic sense but it is possible with the [role] function. If the vckicked person is actually a botted account, they are likely not going to try to rejoin anyhow. If it's an actual human, they might try to join back if they so choose to unless they did not have permission to join the voice channel in the first place.

- It would help to vcmute an unruly speaker as a substitute.

Q. How do I see all the commands?

- The help command is man's best friend (not dogs).





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If you have or find a video on Gaius specifically for what is covered in this documentation page, you can send the info to Fairy 狐 紫#0001 via DM (You must be in the support server in order to make contact).



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