Audit Logging

REQUIRES: Manage Messages, Embed Links

Standard Logging

Doing !log all in a channel will automatically enable all log types to be posted in that channel.

Command Descriptive Example
!log current

!log current


- Displays the current logging settings

!log all channel/off

!log all


- Enables/Disables all logging in that channel

!log logtype channel / off

!log bans #ban-logs


- Sets a certain logging type to the channel

!log bans off


- Removes  a certain logging type from the channel

!log pingroles add/rem logtype Role

!log pingroles add bans @Admin


- Adds a role to be pinged when a certain log is made

!log pingroles rem all

!log pingroles rem all


- Removes all roles that were designated to be pinged when certain logs were made

!log pingroles list

!log pingroles list


- Displays the list of roles designated to be pinged whenever a certain log is made


Available Log Types

  • Bans

  • Kicks
  • Warns

  • Mutes

  • Images

  • Spam

  • Filters

  • Settings
  • Notifications
  • Joinwatch
  • Errors




Extreme Logging


This feature is reserved for Gaius Plus only. Learn more.

Command Description
!exlog current Displays the current extreme logging settings
!exlog all Toggles all types on/off to be sent in that channel
!exlog logtype(s) #channel Sets that log type to the specified channel channel
!exlog logtype off/-1 Disables that log type
!exlog ignore channel Exlogs will not record that channel
!exlog recog channel Exlogs stop ignoring that channel

Exlog Types

Name Logs
memberadd User joins, account age and other user information
memberremove User leaves, when they joined and what roles they had
memberupdate Nickname changes, roles and so forth per user
username Username changes
userpic When users change profile pictures, displays previous if possible as well
vcjoin When users join a voice channel and which one
vcleave When users leave a voice channel and which one
vcchange When users change voice channels and to which ones
messagedelete Deleted messages, content, author, channel etc
messagebulk This will detail when a BOT mass deletes messages. It will dump a text file with a collection of message_delete style logs


Logs before and after copies of edited messages


Logs when a role is created


Logs when a role is edited and what was changed


Logs when a role is deleted


When channels are created


When channels are deleted


When channels are edited