REQUIRES: Ban, Kick or Manage Roles (if mute).



Sets the account age restriction for the server as well as the punishments executed upon violation.

Command Description
!setjoinage ? Displays help embed.
!setjoinage current Displays current settings.

!setjoinage off

Disables joinage

!setjoinage 5

Sets the required age to 5 days minimum.

!setjoinage mute/kick/ban 5

Sets the punishment and required age.
!setjoinage mute/kick/ban Execute that action if unable to meet the age requirements.
!passport userid Allows that user to bypass joinage.


Joinage allows you to set very specific age requirements. 

Command Example Description
!setjoinage ban 3d 12h 6m 2s The minimum age needed is 3d 12h 6m 2s.
Failure to meet that results in ban.
!setjoinage mute 30m Mutes the user for 30 minutes if too young.