Make sure that your verify module is enabled before configuring the verify module (!module verify to enable, and !module list to see if it's enabled).

Setting Up Verify Module

The command used for setting up the verify module is verification, which has a set of other subcommands that allows you to edit the module's current settings without the need to re-run the entire process again. Verification is also possible through DMs, a server channel, or a captcha (which is done in the person's DMs and is a Premium feature).


The list below details the minimum needed permissions in order for the verify module to function:

  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Manage Messages
  • Manage Roles
  • Kick Members (If autokick is enabled)


There are many subcommands to the verification module, each with their own unique purpose. This section will have a lot of information to process, so please re-read this as many times as it takes in order to set your verification to the best fit for your community. Instead of the conventional format as seen in the previous pages, this section will have a specialized list for the subcommands and what to understand about each of them.

!setverify is no longer the setup command; it has changed to !verification. !verification cannot be ran by itself to start the setup process as was possible with the Legacy version of Gaius. A subcommand must be used to with the command in order to change the module's properties. This is done so that you won't have to go through the whole setup process each time something happens or changes after the first setup.

Required Permissions (Staff)


!verification subcommand [input or arguments to set]


Instead of the conventional example list and because there are many subcommands for the verification command, a detailed table for all the subcommands and their applicable inputs are listed below.

Subcommand Descriptive Example


!verification current

- Displays all current settings in the verify module

!verification type add/rem/switch


- What do you want Gaius to do with the verify role? 

  • Add - Adds the verification role to the verified person
  • Rem - Removes the unverified role from the person
  • Switch - Removes the unverified role and adds the verified role

The overall configuration of your community's channel and role permissions will greatly determine which type of verification works best for your community and keep unverified people out of the social spaces.


!verification role @Role


- Sets which role(s) to add or remove from a verified person


!verification dm on/off
!verification captcha on/off (Premium feature)

- Sets the location for verification in the person's DM if set to ON
- Saying OFF, instead of ON, will disable dm verification


You must say either 'on' or 'off' when using this subcommand.

What is captcha?
- Captcha is a form of verification through DMs where a person has to select the right object in a picture in order to be verified. 
- This is all done within Discord so no links or leaving Discord is needed.


!verification message This is a message about verification.

- This message will be sent to the when someone passes verification, regardless of verify is set to a channel or DM.


One helpful tip is to provide the verification command somewhere in the message to help the next user understand what the verification command is.

dmmessage !verification dmmessage This is a DM message about verification.

IF verification is set to DM, instead of channel, then this message will be sent to the person's DM for verification.
autokick !verification autokick number/off

- How many minutes you would like to wait until Gaius automatically kicks the new person if they did not pass verification.
- Saying OFF, instead of a number, will turn this feature off.
channel !verification channel #channel

- Sets what channel the verification process will take place for newcomers
command !verification command command

- Sets the command a person must use in order to be verified.

The command MUST include the prefix.

For example:
!verification command LetMeInCoach

Newcomers must say !LetMeInCoach in order to get verified.



After you set up verification, the most important step with any security configuration is to test it and make sure everything is working as intended. Testverify will help provide a streamlined troubleshooter and reliable debugging tool to help ensure the best fit verification system for your community.

Required Permissions (Staff)


!testverify member


!testverify @yeetmaster#3000   |   Begins the testing of the current verification setup



Required Permissions (Staff)


!manualverify member


!manualverify @yeetmaster#3000   |   Manually verifies the person





Q. Will kicking Gaius reset the bot?

- No, kicking/banning Gaius will never reset your settings or prefix.

Q. My roles aren't being assigned! Is the bot broken?

- If a role is not being assigned when verification is attempted, check the following:

    • Gaius' role has Manage Roles permission
    • Gaius' role is above the role(s) you're trying to (un)assign
    • Gaius is able to read/send messages in the verification channel (unless you're using DM verify)
    • If DM verify is enabled, users are able to receive DMs
Q. How can I verify someone manually?

- The manualverify command is handy for situations that verify isn't working as intended for a newcomer.

Q. How do I see all the commands?

- The help command is man's best friend (not dogs).





Not yet available

If you have or find a video on Gaius specifically for what is covered in this documentation page, you can send the info to Fairy 狐 紫#0001 via DM (You must be in the support server in order to make contact).



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