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Gaius Cicereius (or Gaius for short) is the moderation and utility bot dedicated to keeping your community and people secure and safe from raids, harmful/hateful content, and spam while offering a wide range of intricate features such as multiple filters for additional layered security; organizable, uploadable, and shareable wordlists for managing a network of communities; and customizable configurations for fine-tuning your securities in finesse.

The purpose of this documentation is to provide an in-depth comprehensive guidance and walkthrough on every module, feature, and command for Gaius Cicereius and provide detailed examples and explanations to foster greater understanding of everything Gaius.

Gaius Cicereius is split into modules, in which a set of relevant commands are grouped into, and these docs will provide a rundown of each module and their associated commands in a top-down approach.

Some features require the paid version of Gaius called Gaius Cicereius+.





Setting Up Gaius

When Gaius is in your server, you'll notice that no bot role is created in the bot's name. The very first task is to create and/or assign a role to Gaius if you want Gaius to moderate your server. Some communities prefer to have a special bot role (for example, Bot City Gang) for a group of bots without the role that usually comes with a bot, so we keep that option available.


The list below details the minimum needed permissions in order for Gaius to function without moderation:

  • View Channels
  • Send Messages
  • Embed Links
  • Attach Files


The staff permissions needed for Gaius are listed below:
  • Manage Channels --- (for Tickets module, Panic, (Un)Lock, etc.)
  • Manage Roles --- (for Mutes module, Roles module, Commands module)
  • Manage Server ---  (for smartprune features)
  • Change Nickname --- (for nick command)
  • Manage Nicknames --- (for name filtering and nick command)
  • Kick Members --- (for anti-raid, auto-moderation, and kicks module)
  • Ban Members --- (for anti-raid, auto-moderation, and bans modules)
  • Add Reactions --- (for reaction-based roles system)
  • Use External Emoji --- (optional for Commands Module)
  • Manage Messages --- (for auto-moderation, wordlist and imaging filtering, ct [channel type] command)
  • Connect --- (for Voice Moderation commands)
  • Use Voice Activity --- (for Voice Moderation commands)
  • Mute Members --- (for vcmute and vcunmute commands)


If a role is assigned to Gaius, it is very important that its highest role with the Manage Roles perm is higher than the moderator role(s) and below your admin role(s).



The first fundamental key part of every bot is the bot's prefix. Gaius' prefix is used for every command, so it's super important to ensure that Gaius has a prefix that can be easily used.

Make sure that Gaius' prefix is unique from the other bots to prevent more than one bot responding to one command.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!prefix newPrefixHere


!prefix !!   |   Changes Gaius' default prefix to !!
!!prefix prefix !   |   This is a common mistake...the example below shows how to fix this.
prefix !prefix !   |   Changes the above's prefix to !
!resetmyprefix   |   Reset's Gaius' prefix to ! as the default prefix regardless of setting

Kicking/Banning any Gaius bot then bringing it back will NOT reset the prefix or any settings.

If you forgot your prefix or don't know what you have changed it to, then the !checkprefix command (by saying !checkprefix) will always respond with the current prefix as long as Gaius has the permissions to see and speak in the same channel as the command.

If you get a weird prefix, for example: prefix !, and want to change it to !, then do, in the same example as before, prefix !prefix !.

If you're still having trouble, !resetmyprefix will reset Gaius' prefix to the default prefix.



Gaius is separated into several modules and all modules are disabled by default, which means that in order to begin configuring a verification system or any other feature, enabling the modules is the first step of the actual configuration process with commands. This is intended so that the only features you need are enabled, and the rest remain disabled. The listed order of the modules below is in a top-down fashion that is commonly configured first from the core of the basics to the extra layered security and utilities.

Make sure that all modules you are want to enable for your server are enabled before proceeding onto the commands in the following pages.

Required Permissions (Staff)

Manage Server (Admin)


!module moduleName


!help module   |   Displays the embedded help message for module
!module list   |   Lists all of Gaius' available features and says whether each module is enabled or disabled
!module bans   |   Enables/Disables the bans module

List of Available Modules


Help Command

Whenever quick help or information is needed for a command, using the help command is the most efficient action. It will respond with an embedded interactive help message, which you can navigate by saying any of the listed available options. 

Required Permissions (Staff)

None (Everyone)


!help   |   Displays the embedded interactive help message


The help message expires after a certain amount of time. If it no longer responds, it has simply expired and the help command has to be sent again.

All commands that are tied to a module will be in the respectively named module in the help message. All other commands that are always enabled are in the "Other" section.





Q. Will kicking Gaius reset the bot?

- No, kicking/banning Gaius will never reset your settings or prefix. If you're having trouble with the prefix and want to reset it to the original prefix, !resetmyprefix will reset the prefix.

Q. Why aren't my commands aren't working? Is the bot offline?

- This could be for a number of reasons. Here are a list of solutions (beginning with some of the most common solutions):

  1. Say !checkprefix in your server. If Gaius has permission to speak in and see the channel, it will always respond with the current prefix.
    1. If there is no response, try to @Gaius...this will pop up taggable users in a list, along as their online status icon on the lower-left of the user avatar. In the unlikely event that it is a gray icon, then Gaius is offline in your server and should be back online within a few minutes.
    2. If Gaius is online, make sure Gaius has permission to speak in the channel (Server Settings > Roles and/or Edit Channel > Permissions).
    3. If Gaius is not listed when you try to @gaius, then it likely does not have permission to see the channel, which is either because it does not have a role to see the channel(s), or it cannot see the channel in your channel settings.

  2. If Gaius responds with its current prefix, check your enabled modules with the module list command. Most commands are tied with a module, which means if, for example, the mutes module is not enabled, then muteunnmute, and switchm will also be disabled.

  3. If this does not solve your issue, then the next step is to contact support.
Q. How do I see all the commands?

- The help command is man's best friend (not dogs).

Q. Is there a Dashboard? If so, how do I get to the Dashboard?

-The Dashboard is currently NOT for configuration and can be found at dash.gaiusbot.me. Currently, is only supports premium purchases and leaderboard functionality.

Q. Is there a premium (paid) version of Gaius? If so, where can I find more details about it?

- All details, including subscription information for Gaius Cicereius+ can be found here.




Not yet available

If you have or find a video on Gaius specifically for what is covered in this documentation page, you can send the info to Fairy 狐 紫#0001 via DM (You must be in the support server in order to make contact).



Points of Interest

Gaius Configuration
Staff Handbook
Bot Logging/Exlog
Verification Module
Anti-Spam Protection
Wordlist Filtering


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