REQUIRES: Manage Roles


Auto mutes all new users that join your server via a created role.


Command Description
!panic Enable/Disable panic mode.

Auto Panic

This feature is reserved for Gaius Plus only. Learn more.

When several users join within a few seconds Gaius will automatically engage panic mode muting users that join henceforth till disabled by a member of staff.


Command Description
!setautopanic ? Displays help embed.
!setautopanic on/off Enable/Disable auto panic.
!setautopanic current Displays current settings.
!setautopanic users number Users needed to trigger AP.
!setautopanic time number

Time to check for the needed amount of users to trigger.

!setautopanic users 5

The minimum users needed to trigger AP is 5 now.
(Default is 5 users)

!setautopanic time 25

Minimum seconds to check for 5 users joining to trigger AP.
(Default is 25 seconds)

The example numbers above translate simply to, if 5 users join within 25 seconds, Panic mode will automatically be enabled and all new users joining will be muted via role.