A useful overview of what your community can use.

Notes for VC xp:
1) 2 or more users
2) Bots do not count
4) XP is only awarded for VC after disconnecting
5) The bot must be able to view/connect to the channel



Checks the server's full leaderboard, the voice xp leaderboard, or the text xp leaderboard. You can also check where you or someone else is in the leaderboard.

Command Description Example
>leaderboard [text/voice] Displays the server leaderboard >leaderboard
>leaderboard # Displays the server leaderboard up to # >leaderboard 35
>leaderboard me Displays the leaderboard around you >leaderboard me
>leaderboard [text/voice] [member] Displays the leaderboard around a specified member  >leaderboard voice @SadCat



Checks your or someone else's current level and amount of xp and upcoming rewards. You can also use level up if you are missing rewards.

Command Description Example
>level Displays your current profile >level
>level @mention/UserID Displays the user's profile >level @BigChungus
>level up Triggers the manual update of your reward role(s) and data >level up



Restarts your roles or xp in the server. Providing 'roles' removes all your reward roles, and providing 'xp' removes all your experience AND roles. Admins can also provide 'server' to restart the entire server's roles or xp and roles.

Command Description Example
>restart xp/roles Restarts one's own roles or roles AND xp >restart xp
>restart server xp/roles Restarts the entire server's roles or roles AND xp
NOTE: This requires Play to recognize you as an admin
>restart server roles


Level Up Tips

If a user leaves and rejoins, this command will restore their roles so long as their level data is saved until you clear the system of users no longer in the server.

If you're using a Gaius+ authorized server utilizing Tree Leveling you can remove peoples reward roles, when they do >level up they will be able to redo their choices.