Command Description
>module games Enable/Disable the module

Starts Connect 4 game


>c4 [play or leave] [if play mention]


>c4 play @Gaius

>checkers @UserMention Starts Checkers game (see details below)
>coin Flips a coin

Starts Rock, Paper, Scissors game

Respond with 1 of 3 choices for result

>sweep Starts Minesweeper game (see details below)


1. Moves are made by capital or lowercase letter-number pairs: A1, b2, c3, etc.
2. You may also move and select a piece at the same time by selecting a piece with the first space pair and moving with the second space pair (Example: a6 b5).
3. Invalid moves will get a notification from the bot.
4. The bot will automatically detect double jumps, but are not enforced.
5. Deselect the piece with change or by saying its current spot.
6. Automatic win condition is determined when your opponent no longer has any pieces.
Command Description
>checkers @UserMention Starts the game
(A-H#) Selects a piece if valid (Deselects if repeated)
(A-H#) (If piece is selected) Moves the piece if move is valid
(A-H#) (A-H#) Selects and moves the piece if piece and move are valid
change  Deselects current piece

forfeit Quits current game and declares other player as winner
recall Recalls current game if lost in channel



1. Board is customizable

The "x" must be included

2. :arrow_upper_left:"Reveal" button - Reveals the specified space for any bombs
3. :triangular_flag_on_post:"Marker" button - Marks the specified space as a bomb
4. :x:"Cancel Selection" button - Allows you to change the specified space selection or cancel a flag
5. :flag_white:: "Quit Game" button - Quits the current game
6. At game start, type space location, then click the desired action button to continue.
Command Description
>sweep Begins a default game
recall If lost, recalls game session to bottom of channel
>sweep forcequit Forces the game to end