Command Description
>module extras Enable/Disable the module
>bird Random bird 
>botlist Generates list of bots currently in the server
>bunny Random bunny

Basic calculator/temperature converter
Currently takes:
+, -, *, /, cos, tan, sin

Temperature conversions:

c2f, f2c, c2k, f2k, k2f, or k2c

>cat Random cat
>define Defines a word using Merriam-Webster dictionary
>dfine Defines a word using Urban Dictionary
>dice number Rolls an X sided dice
>dog Random dog
>fox Random fox
>holo Random holo 
>guess Plays a guessing game
>joke Random joke
>snake Random snake
>quote Random quote from the bot's storage

Submit a quote to the bot for approval

You'll be credited with approved submissions.


>quoteme [quote] % [quote's author]