Welcome to Gaius Play, here we'll be going over the setup of the levelling module so you can engage your community!


  1. Invite the bot (Official Site)
  2. Make sure Gaius Play has Manage Roles
  3. Make sure Gaius Play role is higher than the ones you want to be assigned via levelling
  4. Know your prefix! If you ever forget  !checkprefix
  5. Enable the levelling module by doing   >module leveling



Setting up reward roles is optional for those of you who just want the points!

level.pngWhen adding rewards it's interactive as seen here, it only takes a few seconds to add a reward and is fairly straightforward.

You can even set up custom level-up messages for all your reward roles to give a more personal feel!


>reward add rolename

>reward add @rolename

Add the provided role as a reward role

>reward edit rolename

>reward edit @rolename

Edit the reward role

>reward rem rolename

>reward rem @rolename

Remove the reward role
>reward list Display all reward roles
  • >reward add Level1 - Respond with None to start the levelling system and answer the questions.
  • >reward add Level2 - Respond with Level1 as the prerequisite role and answer the questions
  • >reward add Level3 - Respond with Level2 as the prerequisite role and answer the questions

You can do up to 6 reward roles for free. Unlimited for Patreons.

Now you have the basics! Essentially you're creating a chain of roles people will level through. Once they have enough XP for Level2 they'll gain that role and start earning towards the Level3 role and so on!



Now that you have your reward roles setup it's time to configure how easy or difficult it is to level up on your server. 


As seen here you have a number of options available to make your level system truly custom for your community.

These are the standard settings available to all servers.

See here for the Premium server version.

>levelset texttime 5 Users will earn XP every 5 minutes for talking in Text Channels
>levelset voicetime 5 Users will earn XP every 5 minutes for talking in Voice Channels
>levelset base 15 Level 1 will cost 15 XP
>levelset modifier 80 After level 1, every levels cost will be multiplied by this number
>levelset amount 1 How much XP users earn based on their Text/Voice activity
>levelset channel #channelmention Where do level-up messages go

>levelset ping true

>levelset ping false

Should new users be pinged when they level-up?

>levelset autoremove on

>levelset autoremove off

When users receive a new reward role should they keep the previous ones?

>levelset equation 1

>levelset help equation

Switch the equation for levelling (Learn more below)

>levelset response message

Set a default level up message (Learn more below)


Will set all users to the minimum XP needed for the highest reward role they currently have. 


When utilizing the response setting above and reward role messages you can use variables to make it more personal.

>levelset response %user has reached %level!

Sets the default response for level-ups.

It can be customized per reward role during adding a reward role and editing one.

%user Mentions the user
%level New level number
%guild Guild name
%role New reward role received



These change how your settings work, we don't recommend changing this unless you feel you need to!

>levelset equation 1 A variable equation that uses the base and modifier amounts to change how fast the scaling happens per level.
>levelset equation 2

A basic bell curve equation that steadily gets harder and harder to achieve levels.

Also known as the Mee6 equation.

>levelset equation 3 A basic linear equation that adds the modifier to the previous level's value.




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