Welcome to Gaius Play, here we'll be going over the setup of the leveling module so you can engage your community!

Initial Start

  1. Invite the bot (Official Site)
  2. Make sure Gaius Play has Manage Roles
  3. Make sure Gaius Play role is higher than the ones you want to be assigned via leveling
  4. Know your prefix! If you ever forget !checkprefix
  5. Enable the leveling module by doing >module leveling


Setting up reward roles is optional for those of you who just want the points!

Adding rewards is interactive, as seen here, and only takes a few seconds to add each reward in a straightforward fashion.

You can even set up custom level-up messages for all your reward roles to give them a more personal feel!



Add rewards to be given in the reward system. You can either add rewards through a single input or go through a setup that will ask for each property. You can provide 'none' or 'global' for the previous.

Command Description Example

>addreward rolename/ID

>addreward @rolename

Begins the process of adding the provided role as a reward role

>addreward 12345678901234567

>addreward @Newbie

>addreward role level % previous % roles %% response Adds the provided role as a reward role at Level 10 with a specified previous role and a given response.

>addreward Rolename 10 % none %% Congrats you got the first role!


Edit a reward tied to the leveling system. Each part is edited individually by its property, and you may also set whether this role is a default reward.

Command Description Example

>editreward role level #

Edits a reward's required level >editreward @Role level 10
>editreward role message new message Edits a reward's achievement message >editreward @Role message New Message Here
>editreward role default off/role Edits a reward's default status when users choose more than one role in the tree leveling >editreward @Role default @Role
>editreward role global Edits a reward's global status

>editreward @Role global

(NOTE: When using this for a role with a previous role, all previous roles will be removed from the global role)

>editreward role previous roles%list Edits a reward's previous role(s)

>editreward @role previous @NewRole%@OtherRole


Delete a reward role from the system. No further modifications to your system will be done, and any gaps must be filled by your usage of the 'editreward' command.

Command Description Example
>delreward role/id Deletes a role from the rewards list >delreward @Role


List all the rewards for your reward system. If you have too many rewards, a page system will be generated to look through. You may also get specifics about a single reward by providing a role.

Command Description Example
>listrewards [role] Lists the server's reward list OR gets the specifics about a reward role

>listrewards @Role


  • >addreward Level1 - Respond with the required level to start the leveling system and answer the questions.
  • >addreward Level2 - Respond with the required level and answer the questions.
  • >addreward Level3 - Respond with the required level and answer the questions.

You can have up to 6 reward roles for free. Unlimited for Patreons.

Now you have the basics! Essentially you're creating a chain of roles people will level through. Once they have enough XP for Level2, they'll gain that role and start earning towards the Level3 role and so on!

Leveling Settings

Now that you have your reward roles setup, it's time to configure how easy or difficult it is to level up on your server. 



As seen here, you have a number of available options to make your level system truly customized for your community.

These are the standard settings available to all servers.

See here for the Premium server version.

Leveling Module Settings

Command Description Example
>configure current Displays current leveling configurations >configure current
>configure showlevels [#StartingFrom] Displays amount of XP needed for each level >configure showlevels 20
>configure explain property Displays a help message for a specified property below >configure explain equation
>configure equation 1, 2, 3, OR 4 Sets the equation for leveling (Learn more below) >configure equation 1
>configure modifier # After level 1, every levels cost will be multiplied by this number >configure modifier 80
>configure base # Level 1 will cost a specified XP amount >configure base 15
>configure random Toggles the action for one of the achieved reward roles to be randomly assigned if the user does not select one of the reward choices in the tree leveling >configure random
>configure texttime # Users will earn XP every # minutes for talking in Text Channels >configure texttime 5
>configure textamount # Sets how much XP is gained based on activity in text channels >configure textamount 1
>configure voicetime # Users will earn XP every # minutes for talking in Voice Channels >configure voicetime 5
>configure voiceamount # Sets how much XP is gained based on activity in voice channels >configure voiceamount 1
>configure autoremove on/off When users receive a new reward role, should they keep the previous role(s)? >configure autoremove on
>configure vcrequirement # Sets the number of required human users to be in a Voice Channel in order to gain XP >configure vcrequirement 2

Level Up Messages

When utilizing the messages for the response setting and reward role messages you can use variables to make it more personal.

Command Description Example
>configure channel #channel Sets which channel level-up messages go >configure channel #bot-channel
>configure message Message is typed next. Sets a message to be sent when a user levels up >configure message Congrats, %user. You've reached Level %level!


Variable Description
>configure message %user has reached %level!

Sets the default response for level-ups
This can be customized per reward role when adding or editing a reward role.
%user Username
%tag User mention
%level New level number
%guild Guild name
%role New reward role received



These change how your settings work. We don't recommend changing this unless you feel you need to!

Equation Description
>configure equation 1 A variable equation that uses the base and modifier amounts to change how fast the scaling happens per level
>configure equation 2

A basic bell curve equation that steadily gets harder and harder to achieve levels
Also known as the Mee6 equation


>configure equation 3 A basic linear equation that adds the modifier to the previous level's value
>configure equation 4 A single term plus constant quadratic equation that linearly increases in difficulty after each level


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