This may look like a lot of work, but it's only one time you need to deal with this. In the end, you'll have a full leveling system for your community. If you need help or have a question, drop by our support server.


  1. Invite the bot

  2. If > being the prefix is an issue use >prefix to change the prefix. (E.g   !prefix ? )

  3. Ensure Play has Manage Roles and is higher than the roles you're going to award people at certain levels.

  4. Enable the Leveling Module with >module leveling


This is where things can get confusing, don't worry you won't have to deal with it again after and it isn't going to kill you. Here's an overview of what each setting is and means when you do >levelset

Setting Example

How many minutes to gain XP while talking in text chats.

 >levelset texttime 5 


How many minutes to gain XP while talking in voice chat.

 >levelset voicetime 15 


First level XP cost.

 >levelset base 15 


Multiplies the cost every level to increase difficulty.

>levelset modifier 80 


How much XP is awarded.

>levelset amount 5


If users get pinged upon leveling up.

>levelset ping true/false


When users gain a new reward role do they lose the previous ones they've obtained?

>levelset autoremove on/off


It will be default level up messages unless otherwise stated when creating a reward role.


>levelset response %user has leveled up to %level in %guild and received %role.


This feature is reserved for Gaius Plus only. Learn more.

If you are a Patreon utilizing Tree Leveling you can set where branch options get asked to the user.


Sends questions in the channel to the user.

>levelset question #channel


Sends questions in DM to the user.

>levelset question dm

Feel free to utilize our leveling calculator to see the XP cost for different levels based on your settings.



Some people would prefer different methods of leveling, we allow that via equations!

Example Description
>levelset equation 1 Sets the equation for the server to 1. 

Equation 1

A variable equation that uses the base, and modifier amounts to change how fast the scaling happens per level. 

Equation 2

A basic bell curve equation that steadily gets harder and harder to achieve levels.
(The Mee6 equation)

Equation 3

A basic linear equation that adds the modifier to the previous level's value.