By default, servers can have up to 6 reward roles given for free. If you'd like more subscribe to our Patreon for as little as $3 for a nearly unlimited cap and much more.

Example setup for a standard server
  1. >reward add Level1 - Respond with None to start the levelling system and answer the rest.

  2. >reward add Level2 - Respond with Level1 and answer the rest

  3. >reward add Level3 - Respond with Level2 and answer the rest

  4. You can do up to 6 reward roles for free. Unlimited for Patreons.

Now you have the basics! Essentially you're creating a chain of roles people will level through. Once they have enough XP for Level2 they'll gain that role and start earning towards the Level3 role and so on!


Adjust the reward roles as needed to fit your needs.

Command Description
>reward add rolename Add a new reward role.
>reward rem rolename Remove the reward role.
>reward edit rolename Edit the reward role.

Tree Leveling

Tree Leveling requires you to have an active Patreon subscription. Learn more.


Here's a simple diagram of how to set this up. You can do that at any point in your level system and multiple times even so enjoy!
It uses all the standard base commands, you just have the added ability to set multiple reward roles for specific levels.

This may seem a bit complicated but once you go through it once, it's extremely easy and you'll love it. Take your time, if you have any issues, drop by the support server!