What does Gaius Play offer?

You may be wondering, why should I use Gaius Play for leveling over any other bot?

  • Award roles to users when they reach certain levels

  • Users can gain XP by talking via text and/or in voice chats!

  • Users can achieve an infinite number of levels.

  • Set custom messages for users to see when they gain certain reward roles.

  • Customize who can award XP.

  • Customize where users can gain XP.

  • Customize where users can check their level and XP.

  • Create a Tree Leveling system (only - $3/m)


You'll need the following roles to use the commands marked with these icons

Everyone Moderator+ Admin+ Gaius+





Sometimes bots overlap with their prefixes if that's the case for you with Gaius' default prefix !, then you can easily change it to suit your needs.

Command About Example Role
>prefix Changes the prefix >prefix >> Admin
!checkprefix Displays the current prefix !prefix? ย