Template Filters

We've created and tuned categorized filters so you don't have to spend time thinking about every possible bad word to ban.

REQUIRES: Manage Messages




Command Description
!filter name Enables/Disables that filter.
!filter recommended Toggles the recommended filter.
!filter view name PM's a copy of the filter.
!filter ignore text #OptionalChannel Ignores the text filter in that channel.
!filter recog text #OptionalChannel No longer ignores the text filter in that channel.


Merge a template with your local Banned Words so you can customize it for your server. Once merged you can use banword and unbanword to customize it.

Example Description
!merge recommended Merges the recommended filter.
!unmerge filter Unmerges the recommended filter.

NSFW Filter

Our image scanning may not always be accurate as we use a third party API to handle the massive load of images we process. So bare with us if a rare issue arises.

One of our best (and most popular) features is our image filtering. This allows Gaius to keep NSFW images off of your server and keep you, and your users safe from nasty imagery.



"Adult" - Filter off (Default setting)


"Teen" appropriate and under images only

E "Everyone" appropriate only - Kid-friendly


Command Description
!censor letter Sets the image tolerance level.
!filter ignore URL #OptionalChannel Ignores the NSFW & URL filter in that channel.
!filter recog URL #OptionalChannel No longer ignores the NSFW & URL filter in that channel.

NOTE: Gaius will auto ignore all NSFW channels and not filter images in them.