REQUIRES: Manage Roles, Manage Messages, Embed Links


Gatekeeper is service for verifying and filtering new users in communities based on select social media accounts. Using Discords OAuth system Gaius can have new users go through a verification process.

This allows owners to have new users require an account on select platforms like Reddit, YouTube etc. Using these owners can require new users to have X Reddit karma, minimum account age, specific game owned on steam etc.


Command Description
!module gatekeeper Enable/Disable the module.
!gatemsg title Text Set the title for gatekeeper messages.
!gatemsg desc Text Set the description for gatekeeper messages.
!gate list Display all your gates.
!gate add/delete/remove platform Add/Remove that gate.

Supported Platforms

Platform Options
Reddit Username, Karma, Creation Date (Age)
Steam Username, Games owned, Total hours, VAC Bans, Eco Bans
YouTube Username