Banned Words and Filters

Wordlist Management

REQUIRES: Manage messages


Banned word example




Bans a word by adding it to a specified wordlist. If no word list is specified, then banned words will be added to the "local" wordlist. You may upload a text file (.txt) with a list of words separated by a new line instead.

Command Descriptive Example

!banword word/phrase

!banword potato


- Bans the word and adds it to the "local" wordlist

!banword name ListName word/phrase

!banword name Naughty potato


- Bans the word and adds it to the Naughty wordlist

!banword insert your regex here %regex

!banword b[il1]+t{2,}(er|a)' %regex


- Bans a custom regex

Regex is a complicated matter, which may result in unexpected filter behavior.

!unbanword word/phrase



!unbanword name ListName word/phrase




!unbanword id WordID#




!unbanword potato


- Unbans and removes the word from the "local" wordlist

!banword name Naughty nibba



- Unbans and removes the word from the Naughty wordlist

!unbanword is 12345


- Unbans the word based on its unique ID number



Variable Description
%whole Only the exact match
%begin Only from the beginning of words
%end Only from the end of words
%case Case-sensitive (100% match only)
%mute Auto permanent mute
%mute # Auto mute for certain amount of minutes
%warn Auto warn
%kick Auto kick
%softban Auto softban
%ban Auto ban
%ban # Auto ban for certain amount of days


Only applies to names/nicknames


Only matches the word or phrase against the name censor ONLY to new members who join the server


De-hoists people who try to get to the top of the alphabetical member list on the right side if they have a particular name or symbol


The %name nor %begin flag are needed when using the %hoist flag




!banword b[il1]+t{2,}(er|a)' %regex

Applies your given regex



Blocks common variations of the word bitter


(REQUIRES: Notifications logging enabled)

Posts a log through the Notifications logging channel



(REQUIRES: Notifications logging enabled)

Posts a log through the Notifications logging channel


This will not delete the banned word.

You can filter usernames based on your banned words with !auto name which checks whenever someone joins your server or whenever a name is updated.
(Learn more)




Command Descriptive Example
!wordlist list

!wordlist list


- Displays the list of current wordlists in the server along with their info

!wordlist view name [serverid] [readable]

!wordlist view Naughty 270438133584232449 readable


- Sends a list of banned words in an editable .json file

It is entirely optional to use a server ID and "readable" in the command. The server ID is primarily meant for cases in which the wordlist did not originate in your server, and that the wordlist is added to your server with the !wordlist add command.

Typing "readable" at the end of the command will output a .txt file instead of .json. This is easier for when you only want to look at it and not re-upload an edited version of the file.

!wordlist create ListName

!wordlist create Naughty


- Creates a new wordlist with a name

It is possible to use an edited .json file, template can be found with !wordlist formfile, to ban words in bulk

!wordlist delete ListName

!wordlist delete Naughty


- Deleted the wordlist form the server

!wordlist formfile

!wordlist formfile


- Sends a .json template for banning words in bulk when uploading a .json file

This is useful for when using the !wordlist create command.

!wordlist add/rem name serverid

!wordlist add Naughty 270438133584232449


- Removes another server's non-locked wordlist to yours

!wordlist rem Naughty 270438133584232449


- Removes another server's non-locked wordlist from yours

!wordlist clear name

!wordlist clear Naughty


- Clears all banned words from the wordlist without deleting the wordlist

!wordlist update name *attach a file*

!wordlist update Naughty *uploads NewNaughtyWords.json*


- Replaces ALL words with words that are listed in the uploaded file

!wordlist addflag/remflag name flag

!wordlist addflag Naughty %mute


- Adds the mute flag to ALL WORDS in the wordlist

!wordlist addflag Naughty %mute


- Removes the mute flag from ALL WORDS in the wordlist





Command Descriptive Example

!managelist applyto/unapplyto name [serverid] channel/role

!managelist applyto Naughty #general


- Applies the wordlist to only the target channel, meaning that only the specified channel is where the wordlist will be enforced

!managelist unapplyto Naughty 270438133584232449 @New


- Removes the wordlist enforcement from the given role\

Unapply will always override an Applied role or channel

Adding a serverID clarifies which wordlist to apply/unapply. If no serverID is provided, then the first wordlist with the given name will be used.

This is important when using merged wordlists.

!managelist applyto/unapplyto current

!managelist applyto current


- Displays the current list of roles and channels to which a wordlist has been applied to

!managelist unapplyto current


- Displays the current list of roles and channels to which a wordlist has been unapplied to

!managelist lock/unlock name

!managelist lock Naughty


- Prevents other servers from viewing the wordlist's contents

!managelist unlock Naughty


- Allows other servers to view the wordlist contents

!managelist public/private name

!managelist public Naughty


- Allows other servers to "wordlist add" the specified wordlist

!managelist private Naughty


- Disables other servers from adding your wordlist

!managelist enable/disable name [serverid]

!managelist enable Naughty


- Enables a wordlist that was added from "wordlist add"

This will immediately put the enabled wordlist into moderating effect

!managelist disable Naughty 270438133584232449


- Disables the wordlist enforcement and keeps the wordlist

!managelist merge/unmerge name serverid

!managelist merge Naughty 270438133584232449


- Merges another server's non-locked wordlist to yours

This will not immediately put the merged wordlist into moderating effect

!managelist unmerge Naughty 270438133584232449


- Removes another server's non-locked wordlist from your local filter





Command Description
!filter ignore [invert] #channel url/invite/text/auto/activity

!filter ignore #general url


- Ignores url filters in the channel

!filter ignore invert #general text


- Ignores text filters in all channels except for #general

!filter recog [invert] #channel url/invite/text/auto/activity

!filter recog #general url


- Re-enables url filters in the channel

!filter recog invert #general invite


- Re-enables url filters in all channels except for #general

!filter view [ignores]

!filter view


- Displays currently active filters in the server

!filter view ignores


- Displays all currently active filter ignores in the server

!filter url/invite

!filter url

!filter invite


- Toggles the url or invite filter

!whitelist list

!whitelist list


- Lists the current whitelisted links and domains

!whitelist add/rem link

!whitelist add


- Adds the domain name to the filters' whitelist




Channel Types

Command Descriptive Example
!ct #OptionalChannel type

!ct #memes image


- Sets the channel type for the (specified) channel

!ct #OptionalChannel type off

!ct image off


- Removes the channel type for the (specified) channel


Type Description
image Only allow image attachments without text or url
url Allows urls as well but no other text is allowed
text Allows text only if accompanied by a url or attachment





REQUIRES: Manage Messages

Block user or role tags in chat so that the message is automatically deleted. You can either define a custom message or let the bot default one for you.



Descriptive Exmaple

!blocktag role/member 

!blocktag 104425482757357568 This user is AFK!

!blocktag @Tommyfoxy2#0001 This user is AFK!

!blocktag @Staff Do not ping staff unless needed!


- Blocks the given user/role from being mentioned

!unblocktag ID

!unblocktag 104425482757357568 

!unblocktag @Tommyfoxy2#0001

!unblocktag @Staff


- Removes the existing blocktag restriction from the user/role

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