A custom bot for handling AMA's


Startup AMA's in your community with simple steps!


These are the current communities utilizing this bot and their prefixes.

My Hero Academia

Brand New Animal





Bot Setup

The bot needs the channel ID's for the following purposes

The bot needs the following permissions in those channels


The bot comes with an interactive help menu, depending on the user roles the help command will display only what's available to them.



Utilize the start command to enable the AMA. You must designate a channel for the answers to go into.

.start #channelmention Sets the answer channel for the AMA
The bot will now accept questions via DM.

The bot will already have your channels coded in for ModQueue and GuestQueue so all you need to do is set the answer channel. This is for allowing you to have channels for every AMA to look back on rather than cramming them all into one general AMA chat.



Understanding the ModQueue

The ModQueue is used to let staff vet questions and not only ensure quality questions are asked but appropriate ones as well. Sometimes a guest may not read the Manga, or doesn't know much about the series, this gives you a chance to filter things.


Emotes used in reactions will vary by bot deployment


Pending review by Moderators.


Approved by a Moderator.


Flagged by a Moderator.


Denied by a Moderator.

Worth mentioning that if you misflag a question, you can manually add the appropriate reaction to change it.
However, you will still need to delete the output message if there is one.


The GuestQueue is used for guests to decide which question they'll answer next. Guests have three options available to them per question which will be explained below.

The Queue

After questions go through the ModQueue all the approved ones will then move to the Guest(s) for answering.




Once a question is accepted it then moves to your designated question channel where the guest(s) can answer it.


Final notes

While it may not be great having to go back and forth to select the next question it gives guests the choice of what they want to answer without anyone knowing what was skipped. It helps to keep the stress down for them and encourage them to answer questions they  want to answer.